8 Tips for Renting a Vintage Car for Your Wedding

If you want to make your wedding arrival or getaway unforgettable, renting a vintage car is worth researching. Here are 8 things to know.

1. Reviews and Reputation

Choose a company with a good reputation. We have multiple 5-star reviews on Wedding Wire and Facebook.

2. Book Early

Once you find the perfect company with the perfect car, book it!  There are no guarantees that the date will be available if you haven’t put down a deposit.  Our schedule fills up quickly, please contact us as soon as possible with the date and time of your wedding.  With that being said, we do at times have cancellations, if this is a last-minute booking, if possible, we will fit you in.

3. Vehicle Condition

Inspect the vehicle’s condition. A few important things to look for are a well-maintained interior and exterior.  Know what you’re renting!  Ruby is in showroom condition at all times.  She is meticulously detailed, has complete maintenance records.

4. Just for Two?

A vintage car normally accommodates the wedding couple and the chauffeur. If necessary, you’ll want to hire another car for any attendants.  Also, liability means you won’t get to drive the car.  Our chauffeurs are the pinnacle of professionalism, safety, and hospitality.

5. Deposit

Expect to pay a nonrefundable deposit.  We require a 50% deposit upon booking.

6. License and Insurance

Choose a company that’s licensed and insured.  We are fully licensed and insured. 

7. Vintage Car Rental Costs

To avoid hidden fees, always request an all-inclusive price quote.  Our quotes are always all-inclusive with specifics and exact numbers discussed upon booking.

8. Practice Exiting the Car

It may sound silly, but it’s good to practice getting in and out of the car while wearing your wedding attire.  Spending a few minutes getting comfortable with the size and height of the car could alleviate any missteps.


We hope this helps in booking a vintage car for your wedding.  If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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